Russia is alleged to have killed 77 civilians held captive by its forces during the Ukraine War

Mariupol in March 2022, as seen in a file photo

During Moscow's invasion of Ukraine, 77 civilians were summarily executed by Russian forces, according to a UN report.

According to the report, a second male detainee perished as a result of torture, cruel treatment, and a lack of medical care.

Since Russia began its invasion last February, the UN has recorded 864 separate instances of arbitrary detention by that country.

Although on a much smaller scale, the report also states that Ukraine violated international law by imprisoning civilians.

At a press conference on Tuesday in Geneva, Maltilda Bogner, the head of the UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission, said, "We documented the summary execution of 77 civilians while they were arbitrarily detained by the Russian Federation.".

There were about 72 men and five women among those who died.

A violation of a person's rights is when they are instantly and purposefully killed without a full and fair trial.

Russia denies attacking civilians in Ukraine or committing atrocities there.

No summary executions of detained civilians by Ukrainian forces were recorded by the mission.

There was evidence of "widespread torture and ill-treatment of civilian detainees," according to Ms. Bogner, from Russian forces and law enforcement.

"Victims were subjected to torture to coerce them into confessing to aiding Ukrainian armed forces, force them to work with the occupying authorities, or intimidate those with pro-Ukrainian views," she said.

Over 900 cases of arbitrary detention of civilians, including children and the elderly, were detailed in the report overall, with Russia being responsible for the "vast majority" of these cases.

There were 75 instances of arbitrary detention by Ukrainian security forces, the majority involving individuals suspected of crimes related to the conflict.

Over half of those arbitrarily detained were subjected to torture or other cruel treatment by Ukrainian security forces, according to evidence we gathered, Ms. Bogner said.

"This occurred as people were being questioned, typically right after being arrested. ".

The latest proof of Russian forces' atrocities in Ukraine comes from the UN mission's report.

More than 400 civilian bodies were discovered in Bucha, a town outside of Kiev, in April 2022, close to the start of the conflict.

President Vladimir Putin was the subject of an international arrest warrant issued in March of this year for alleged war crimes.

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