Thailand: Rescuers amputate a woman's leg who was trapped in a travelator

The woman with the travelator-trapped leg is being treated by a medical team

The leg of a woman who became trapped in a travelator at Bangkok's Don Mueang airport had to be amputated by rescuers.

After the surgery on Thursday night, her son claimed that the family was "shocked" and concerned for her mental health.

The 57-year-old's leg became immobilized on Thursday morning after she tripped over her luggage while attempting to board a flight, according to local media.

Her son commented on Facebook, "My mother's morale is quite concerning.".

"We had some time to talk to her both before and after the procedure. We knew that deep down she was broken because she suddenly lost a leg, even though she appeared strong through her tone of voice and facial expression, Kit Kittirattana continued.

"Neither can we make her leg work like before, nor can we bring back the same life she had lived," he wrote. "Our family knows very well that we cannot make her leg work like before.".

The woman, who has not been identified, was seen in pictures posted online sitting down with her left leg wedged under the travelator.

The travelator's typical yellow comb plates had also broken off, and the pink suitcase next to her was missing two of its wheels.

The woman's left leg was partially amputated, and the airport management said it was "deeply saddened" by the incident and would pay for her medical bills and compensation.

Additionally, the cause of the incident is being looked into, according to airport director Karant Thanakuljeerapat's remarks to reporters on Thursday.

Several outdated travelators were scheduled for replacement by the airport by 2025, but he added that this could be done sooner.

The aforementioned travelator, according to local media, has been in use since 1996.

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