The Cromer lifeboat crew saved the "little ship" of Dunkirk

The Mimosa boat, complete with crew

A boat that had once assisted soldiers during World War Two had to be rescued after running into trouble off the coast of Norfolk.

Mimosa's propeller became stuck on a fishing buoy off the coast of Cromer, and it had to be rescued.

The 48ft (15m) boat, which was constructed in 1935, was one of the "little ships" that took part in Operation Dynamo in 1940.

After becoming stranded on the beaches at Dunkirk, more than 330,000 soldiers were rescued by hundreds of boats.

On Friday, just before 14:00, Mimosa was in need of rescue, according to Cromer RNLI.

A lifeboat assisting Mimosa
After Mimosa's propeller became entangled with a fishing buoy off the coast of Cromer, rescue efforts were required.

According to the report, efforts were made to free the boat from the line, but in the end, the rope had to be cut.

Following that, the lifeboat escorted Mimosa to Wells Harbour.

Coxswain at RNLI Cromer Paul Watling commented: "Once again, our thorough training ensured we were able to help Mimosa and ensure the safety of its crew.

The Mimosa's location and the calm sea, thankfully, made this rescue much simpler. It was a great outcome, and the team did an excellent job.

. "

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