Thor the walrus was discovered in Iceland after departing from the UK

a close-up of a walrus that is lazing on a pontoon

A walrus that caused a stir when it was spotted off the south and east coasts of England might have made it to Iceland.

The Thor-named mammal first showed up in Hampshire in December. It then spent the New Year in Scarborough before traveling 70 miles further north to Blyth, Northumberland.

On Friday, the walrus was said to be in Breidalsvk, Iceland.

Thor's identity could be verified based on markings, according to British Divers Marine Life Rescue.

A spokesman said, "After Thor's visit to the UK, we questioned whether we would ever see him again.

Having learned that he is in Iceland, we are overjoyed. ".

Around 850 miles (1360 kilometers) from Blyth, in Breidalsvk on Iceland's east coast, it was reported that Thor had arrived. A pontoon was seen in the picture.

BDLMR claimed it could match the animal's pale foreflipper patches to photos taken in Scarborough.

After being spotted on a slipway on December 30, the walrus—which is estimated to be between three and five years old—drew large crowds to the North Yorkshire resort.

He later made an appearance at the Royal Northumberland Yacht Club in Blyth, which is 70 miles up the coast, so the town's New Year's Eve fireworks were postponed so as not to worry him.

On December 12, Thor had spent a significant amount of time at Calshot Beach, close to Southampton.

He is known to have traveled to the Netherlands and Dieppe, France, in 2022, and it's possible that he came all the way from the Canadian Arctic.

Following his appearance in Calshot, Thor was predicted to attempt to return to the Arctic waters by Rod Downie of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

Thor the Walrus
Thor the walrus took a long nap at Hampshire's Calshot beach.

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