To be demolished is the Idaho home where four students were killed

the Idaho residence

The Idaho home where four college students were killed last year will be demolished in an effort to help the grieving community find closure.

After the late-night stabbing spree, more than three months have passed since the move.

According to university officials, the owner of the house where three of the students resided donated the structure to the school.

While the suspect is awaiting trial, police have not disclosed his or her motivation, leaving many people in the dark.

The bodies of Xana Kernodle, Ethan Chapin, Madison Mogen, and Kaylee Goncalves were discovered inside the Moscow, Russia, house on King Street on November 13.

Brian Kohberger, a criminology student, was detained on December 30 and accused of both their murders and break-ins. In June, he will go on trial. The victims, who were discovered dead in their beds, are still the subject of prosecutors' unanswered questions.

The building was demolished after its owner "offered to give the house to the university," according to University of Idaho President Scott Green.

In a statement on Friday, Mr. Green said that the demolition of the physical structure where the crime that rocked our community was committed was a step toward healing.

"Demolition also gets rid of attempts to sensationalize the crime scene even more. We are looking into possibilities for future property development that could involve students. ".

In addition, he made plans to build a memorial and "healing garden" in a future location.

The university "hopes to demolish the house this semester," a spokeswoman for the institution told CNN.

As part of their investigation, police took thousands of pictures, 3D scans, and more than 100 pieces of evidence from the house.

The 28-year-old suspect was taken into custody at his parents' house in Pennsylvania, which is over 4,000 kilometers away from Idaho.

His drug abuse and aspirations to become a police officer were described by childhood acquaintances and friends as traits of a bully.

Many people told the Idaho Statesman in a recent article that he is best known for his dramatic weight loss that took place in the summer before his senior year of high school, during which he lost about half his body weight, and that he is most remembered for.

According to Mr. Kohberger's attorney, the suspect is confident in his own innocence.

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