Truck loses control in Kenyan truck crash, killing dozens of people

View of Londiani Junction in western Kenya

Police and witnesses in Kenya report that a road accident at a busy intersection has claimed at least 48 lives.

It occurred after a truck carrying a shipping container lost control at Londiani Junction, close to the western town of Kericho, local media reports.

Geoffrey Mayek, the police commander, stated that 30 more people had suffered serious injuries, but added that there "could be more.".

He also expressed worry that "one or two" people might still be trapped under the flipped car.

According to AFP news agency's report, Tom Mboya Odero, another regional police commander, the lorry headed toward Kericho "lost control and rammed into eight vehicles, several motorcycles, people standing by the roadside, vendors, and other people who were on other businesses.".

Eyewitnesses claimed the driver was attempting to avoid a bus that had broken down on the road, according to Kenyan media.

William Ruto, the president of Kenya, expressed his sadness at learning that some of those killed were "young people with a promising future and business people who were on their daily chores.".

In a tweet, Mr. Ruto further stated, "We urge motorists to be extra cautious on roads, especially now that we are experiencing heavy rainfall.".

Online images were circulating of what appeared to be a red shipping container lying on its side at the base of a small grassy bank by the side of a road.

The incident was referred to as a "dark moment" for Kericho by the town's governor, Dr. Erick Mutai.

Along with a picture of the container, he wrote on Facebook, "My heart is crushed.".

The required emergency services had been sent to the scene, Dr. Mutai added.

According to local reports, rain is reportedly preventing rescue efforts, but it is unclear whether the weather was a factor in the accident.

Because the roads outside of the larger cities are frequently narrow, traffic accidents are a well-known problem in East Africa.

Last year, the World Health Organization reported that the continent had the highest global rate of fatal traffic accidents.

When a bus careered off a bridge and into the Nithi River in central Kenya last year, 34 people perished.

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