Trump was captured on a CNN recording discussing top-secret documents

Republican presidential candidate and former U. S. On June 24, 2023 in Washington, DC, President Donald Trump walk...

US media have obtained a recording of Donald Trump in which he appears to admit to keeping a secret document after leaving the White House.

The former president can be heard rummaging through papers and saying, "This is highly confidential," in the recording.

By the BBC, it has not been independently verified.

Trump has entered a not guilty plea to federal charges of improper handling of private information.

The two-minute clip, which was first made public by CNN, was reportedly taken from an interview Mr. Trump conducted in July 2021 with authors of his former chief of staff Mark Meadows' memoir.

When referring to a document he describes as "highly confidential," Mr. Trump is heard saying, "These are the papers.".

It appears to be an audio recording that federal prosecutors referred to in their accusation against the former president.

In one incident in July 2021 at his golf club in New Jersey, prosecutors claim he twice showed classified documents to individuals without security clearance, including a writer and two staff members.

Mr. Trump is charged on 37 counts with illegally keeping classified documents and resisting government efforts to recover them.

He has stated that all the White House documents he took with him were declassified and has denied any wrongdoing.

Trump is heard describing a document that he claims is about the possibility of attacking Iran during the exchange, which CNN and the Washington Post made public on Monday.

"He claimed I desired to attack Iran. It's amazing, isn't it?" Mr. Trump asks near the beginning of the video.

I've got a ton of papers, and this just came up. He says, "Look.

As president, he claims, "I could have declassified it.". This is still a secret, but I'm afraid I can't. ".

Mr. Trump denied giving confidential documents to people without permission to view them in an interview with Fox News last week.

The document was absent. There were a lot of publications and other things talking about Iran and other things, Mr. Trump said.

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