Twenty people died in the province of Limpopo from a tour bus accident in South Africa

One of the automobiles being pulled out of the river

In South Africa, a head-on collision between a tour bus and an armored cash-in-transit van resulted in 20 fatalities and 68 injuries.

The bus fell into the river below after the cars collided on a bridge over a highway.

According to paramedic company ER24, "16 down by the river and three by the roadside were found dead.".

The majority of the fatalities near the river had been caught underneath the bus, it was added.

Later, one patient passed away in a hospital.

Police divers were also looking in the river that borders the highway, according to the AFP news agency, "for people who might have been swept away.".

The accident that occurred on the N1 in Makhado, Limpopo province, on Monday evening is being investigated.

The government has declared a national disaster as a result of the flooding and heavy rains that have been affecting this area of South Africa and others.

The victims of the collision have not yet had their identities made public.

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