Ukraine: A man perishes after a device exploded in a courtroom

Police at the scene of a district court in Kyiv where a man detonated an explosive device

Interior Minister Ihor Klymenko has reported that a man was killed after detonating an explosive device at a courthouse in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv.

After barricading himself in a bathroom, Igor Humeniuk, who was arrested in 2015 following an attack on the Ukrainian parliament, detonated the device.

As he tried to flee, there were reportedly two more explosions, and police fired into the air to try and stop him.

The explosion injured two officers.

Although the specifics of the incident are unclear, Humeniuk's court appearance in Shevchenkivskyi was unrelated to Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

According to the general prosecutor's office, a man tried to "escape from custody" while using the restroom and detonated an explosive device in the process.

After the first explosion, two police officers were hit by another explosive device as they stormed the scene and were injured. They later received medical attention and are now in a stable condition.

Their shields "saved their lives," Mr. Klymenko remarked.

Although it's unclear how Humeniuk got his hands on explosives at the courthouse, officials said the incident will now be the focus of a criminal investigation.

According to Mr. Klymenko, details are still being determined, but Humeniuk might have perished after accidently stepping on the explosives.

Ambulances were seen pulling up to the courthouse in video shared by the Reuters news agency, and police were seen making room for them.

A stretcher was seen being used to remove one person from the scene in other social media videos.

In connection with his participation in a 2015 attack on the Ukrainian parliament, Humeniuk was present at a hearing.

He was accused of throwing a grenade during a protest against proposals to grant more autonomy to the separatist regions of the Ukraine that receive support from Russia.

Three members of the national guard died in the 2015 explosion, and more than 140 people were hurt. At the time, he denied throwing the grenade.

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