Ukraine invasion: A mother describes her difficult flight from battle

Daniella and the child

A mother who left Ukraine while still heavily pregnant thanked the West Yorkshire family who took her in.

At the beginning of the Russian invasion a year ago, Daniella, 24, traveled 25 km (15 mi) on foot from war-torn Ukraine to Romania to give birth.

She fled to the UK along with her grandmother and an infant, and she has since resided with a host family in Honley.

I am more relaxed. Now that I feel safe, I can be myself. She proclaimed, "It's brilliant.

Daniella first traveled while eight months pregnant and briefly lived in Romania with nothing but the clothes on her back.

People don't have plans because it all happened in one day, she said, so you should just get out of there.

Upon the conclusion of the war, Daniella intends to visit her family in Ukraine.

"I don't have family, so it was hard when Elizabeth was born. My father and mother both miss me. The going was tough. ".

After giving birth, she traveled to Poland and then back into Ukraine to pick up her grandmother before seeking safety in the UK.

Upon her arrival in the UK, she teamed up with Bev Playle, who offered her services as a sponsor family in West Yorkshire.

There are always news stories that touch your heart, and as you watch them, you may find yourself sitting there thinking, "I wish I could do something about that," according to Ms. Playle.

The family at Christmas
For Christmas, Bev Playle and her family hosted Daniella, her grandmother, and her daughter.

She claimed that after granting Daniella and her family space in their house, she had "gained more than I'd given.".

"For me, having wonderful relationships with people is a key component of living life to the fullest. What better way to make new friends than to live in the same house as them?

She stated that even though she is currently residing in West Yorkshire while her country is still at war, she eventually wants to return when it is safer.

I cherished my previous life. My heart is and always will be in Ukraine," she continued.

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