Wagner uprising: How many people and aircraft did Russia lose

Le avion de commandement aƩrien Il-20

Russian pilots, according to President Putin, were killed in clashes with Wagner forces over the weekend. It appears that several aircraft were also lost in the process.

BBC Verify has been putting the information about the losses together piece by piece.

In a statement on June 26, President Putin made reference to "fallen hero pilots.". He omitted to elaborate on the quantity of fatalities or lost aircraft, though.

The leader of the Wagner mercenary group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, claimed that his forces had hit Russian aircraft that "were dropping bombs and launching rocket attacks" in an effort to halt their advance towards Moscow.

He apologized for having to shoot down Russian aircraft.

The Wagner forces allegedly destroyed six Russian helicopters and a plane on Saturday during their brief insurrection.

Similar claims about losses have been made by a few channels on the messaging platform Telegram, which is well-liked by military bloggers.

Numerous videos that were recorded of the conflict between the Russian and Wagner forces have been examined by BBC Verify.

It is confirmed that a military aircraft went down close to Kantemirovka.

Ilyushin Il-22s are valuable aircraft for the Russian armed forces, and this was widely reported on various social media channels.

Social media users shared images of the wreckage, and it does look like an Il-22M, an upgraded version of the Il-22, based on the debris. On the main section, the phrase "Russian Air Force" can be seen.

Wreckage of downed plane
The wreckage of the downed aircraft is consistent with an Il-22.

An airborne command post from which troops can be managed in a battle. It connects military forces on the ground with major command centers located farther from the front line.

According to social media reports, six helicopters in total, including two attack helicopters, were also shot down, according to BBC Russian.

A video showing a crashed Russian helicopter close to Pavlosk was verified by BBC Verify.

Because of the way the blades were arranged, other photos of the wreckage strongly implied that this was a Mi-8 helicopter.

These have the newest electronic warfare systems, which are made to counter air defense systems, anti-aircraft weapons, and ground and air radar.

These helicopters also collect electronic intelligence.

Images of additional wreckage, this time purported to be a KA-52 helicopter, also surfaced on social media.

Part of the debris bears the figure 72, a code sign typically associated with the KA-52 helicopter, but we haven't been able to determine where it came from.

One of the main aerial attack craft that Russian forces employ is this.

How many employees were killed in the uprising is unknown, according to the Kremlin.

No Wagner fighters were killed, according to Mr. Prigozhin, but "multiple people were hurt.".

Thomas Spencer and Benedict Garman contributed more reporting.

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