Yosemite's "firefall" consists of fiery-red water that resembles lava

During the "Firefall" phenomenon in Yosemite National Park, water flowing off Horsetail Fall glows orange when bac...

Visitors to Yosemite National Park in California are treated to a fiery red waterfall as part of an annual lighting trick.

Every February, a phenomenon known as a "firefall" occurs where Horsetail Falls is illuminated for a few weeks by the setting sun.

The waterfall can appear to be lava spewing thousands of feet from a tall cliff when the circumstances are just right.

Despite only lasting a few minutes each day, the spectacle brings hundreds of people to the park each year.

The National Park Service claims that haze or even a light cloud cover can lessen or completely eliminate the effect. However, according to spokesman Scott Gediman for AFP, "it's magical" when the sun sets at the precise angle.

Long-lasting drought has threatened the appearance of the firefall in California and much of the western US.

But because of the rains and significant flooding that wreaked havoc on much of the west earlier this year, the state's waterways have been boosted, making this year's firefall picture-perfect.

Visitors to the park chose to sit, kneel, or stand atop sheets of ice while holding cameras despite the freezing temperatures on Wednesday.

Amateur photographer Terry Cantrell told CBS News, the BBC's US partner, "The pictures I've seen are just gorgeous.". Everyone wants their own, so I'm attempting to fulfill this desire. ".

Even in ideal circumstances, however, not everyone is able to see the firefall. In order to safeguard the surrounding environment, the National Park Service places restrictions on visitors through a reservation system.

Water flowing off Horsetail Fall glows orange while backlit from the setting sun during the andquot;Firefall" phenomenon in Yosemite National Park
The effect can be lessened or even completely eliminated by haze or light cloud cover.
Photographers ready their tripods and cameras to capture the orange glow from water flowing off Horsetail Fall
This week, Yosemite National Park attracts crowds of tourists to view the alleged firefall at Horsetail Falls.

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