A pet dog's trip to the beach was "bad."

Nancy and the owner

After becoming very ill and appearing to be having a seizure or stroke, Nancy, a blind labradoodle, had what turned out to be a "bad trip" to the beach.

After visiting West Shore Beach in Llandudno, Conwy, the 13-year-old pet's condition had gotten worse.

She had actually eaten a used marijuana joint, which her worried owner Anne-Marie Parker learned when she rushed her to the veterinarian.

The relieved owner later explained, "She wasn't dying, she was just having a bad trip.".

As a result, Ms. Parker has urged other pet owners to exercise extra caution when letting their animals run free.

She continued, "Even though we are all laughing now, it was very scary and the result could have been so different.

On a walk with Ms. Parker's daughter Amelia and Nancy, the drug was discovered.

"I turned around and saw her nose snuffling into something," she remarked.

She had obviously eaten whatever it was by the time I yelled and screamed. " .

After dropping Nancy off at home, they went into town for ice cream.

90 minutes later, they came back to find their pet unable to stand, twitching "strangely," unable to support her back end, and with eyes that were "all spaced out.".

I was thinking, "Oh my God, my dog is going to die," Ms. Parker said. I could see that the kids had the same thought.

It was extremely upsetting. ".

Emily Nepp

Nancy was given charcoal by Emily Neep, the Mochdre veterinarian, to aid in the removal of the drug from her body.

The dog was rushed by the family to Mochdre Vets, where vet Emily Neep saw her right away.

An MRI scan was discussed because her symptoms pointed to either a seizure or a stroke.

When Ms. Parker fed the dog her favorite meal of gravy and biscuits, the veterinarian decided against sending Nancy home with medication in case she had another seizure.

She was able to tell what had happened to her by the smell of her vomit, which was spread across the floor in less than 30 seconds.

Ms. Parker remarked, "The smell of weed was undeniable.

She said that everyone in the room was laughing nonstop and continued, "I couldn't believe it, she wasn't dying.

She was simply having a terrible trip. " .

The vet gave Nancy activated charcoal to absorb the poison.

Ms. Neep assured the family that their cherished pet would be fine, adding that she only needed to return home and rest after the drug.

Ms. Parker continued, "We kept a close eye on her as she was very dopey.

The kids thought it was hilarious when she started dozing off on the sofa before finally drifting off to sleep while dreaming of pink elephants. ” .

Three years ago, Nancy lost her vision, but according to her owner, this does not stop her from doing anything.

Because of the way she lives her life, Ms. Parker continued, "My kids will say she is just such an inspiration to us.".

canine marijuana poisoning signs and symptoms.

the absence of coordination.


pupil dilation.

dribbling of the urine.

Tremors, seizures, and coma may result in extreme cases.

Signs usually appear between 30 and 60 minutes after ingestion, or earlier if inhaled.

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