An escaped African huntsman spider was discovered in an Edinburgh suitcase

Spider av en hund

Following its escape from a traveler's suitcase, a sizable African huntsman spider was discovered in Edinburgh.

The 10-centimeter spider, which was found on a property in the city's Boswall Drive, has been quarantined by the Scottish SPCA.

The resident had just returned from a work placement in Africa, according to the animal charity.

Africa, Asia, and Australia are among the warm, tropical regions that are home to huntsman spiders. It was eventually captured by the traveler in a plastic container.

The spider was "very fast," according to Catherine Atterton, a Scottish SPCA animal rescue officer.

"I was glad the member of the public had managed to contain the spider," she said. "Huntsman spiders are known for their speed and their capacity to jump.

The spider, which was thankfully unharmed despite its long journey, was brought to one of our animal rescue and rehoming facilities for quarantine.

"We've been in touch with our contacts and have a home set up in Kent with a specialist, where this huntsman can live out the rest of their days contently," the agent said. ".

The huntsman spider, which has the largest leg span of any spider in the world, is renowned for its speed. When fully grown, they can measure about 28 cm.

Despite having venom, they are hesitant to bite and are not thought to be dangerous to people.

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