An estate in South Scotland discovered a dead golden eagle

An eagle in gold

In southern Scotland, a golden eagle thought to be a part of an initiative to increase population levels has been discovered dead.

On the Queensberry Estate, north of Dumfries, the gamekeeping team made the discovery on Saturday.

According to what is known, the bird is a part of the South of Scotland Golden Eagle Project (SSGEP).

The bird had no obvious signs of injury, according to Buccleuch, the company that manages the estate, and tests were being done to determine the cause of death.

On Saturday afternoon, the eagle was seen walking around on the ground.

The SSGEP and police were notified right away after it was discovered to be dead.

Executive chairman of Buccleuch, Benny Higgins, stated: "Buccleuch work closely with the SSGEP in the local area and we are extremely proud of our record in recent years of helping rebuild the population.

"The bird was taken away from the scene on Saturday and is currently undergoing testing to determine the exact cause of death.

"Our team will continue to provide any help it can in this situation. ".

Birds have been relocated to the area by the SSGEP since 2018.

Older birds are now being introduced after it initially brought in chicks from the Highlands.

Southern Scotland's population of golden eagles last year reached its highest level since the early 19th century.

A region where there were fewer than five breeding pairs just four years earlier was estimated to have more than 30 birds.

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