Celebrate Love Your Pet Day with the London Fire Brigade

A firefighter uses a bowl of food to tempt a parrot off a roof

To commemorate Love Your Pet Day, the London Fire Brigade has published images of the animals it has saved.

1,029 animal rescues, including those of foxes, pigeons, and horses, required the assistance of the fire department last year.

A dog that was stuck on a roof, a parrot in peril, and ducklings in danger were among the other calls for help.

According to a brigade spokesperson, "We love animals and will be happy to help if they need our specialized skills or equipment.".

A firefighter tempts a parrot off a roof with a bowl of food
The company has assisted in animal rescues all over the city.
A dog sits on the roof of a building
The brigade helped save a dog who was perched on a roof.

Additionally, when a cat was saved from a Paddington house fire last year, London firefighters used an oxygen mask on it for the first time.

Dogs, cats, rabbits, snakes, and mice can all be treated with the kit that has been specially adapted.

A dog has its head stuck in a treats jar
Another dog that had its head stuck in a treat container needed assistance.
A cat sits inside a carrier held by a firefighter
Since 2019, more than 100 fires involving dogs, cats, and other animals have been attended by London's firefighters.

As the mask is properly sealed around the animal's muzzle and all the oxygen is getting to their lungs, having something specially designed made such a huge difference, station officer Nathan Beeby said at the time.

More than 100 fires involving dogs, cats, and other pets, like rabbits and hamsters, have been responded to by London's firefighters since 2019.

The brigade advised Londoners to get in touch with the RSPCA right away if an animal was in trouble.

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