Corn snake found by commuter near Swansea train station

Corn snake

Upon finding a stray corn snake on the sidewalk close to a train station, a commuter on her way to work was surprised.

The woman picked up the snake and placed it in a takeout container with air holes before bringing it back to her workplace "for safety" until the RSPCA showed up.

The peculiar find was made on February 24 close to Swansea's train station.

The RSPCA declared that the escapee is probably a pet and is requesting that the owner come forward.

Anyone who discovers a non-native snake is advised by the animal charity to keep their distance, keep an eye on it, and call the helpline.

Ellie West, an RSPCA Cymru officer, stated: "The baby snake was contained in a plastic takeaway food tub with air holes on it, and then placed that box inside a cardboard box marked "sweet treats" by Greggs. She had the snake on her desk until I could arrive.

If one of her coworkers had intended to take a sneaky "sweet treat" and instead discovered this little soul curled up inside, I can imagine it would have come as a bit of a shock.

Fortunately, the little snake had already become the topic of conversation at work that morning, and everyone was happy to see it heading to a safe location. ".

While investigations were conducted, the snake was brought to a reptile expert for boarding.

Since the snake was discovered close to a student residence, Ms. West speculated that it might have escaped and that someone might actually be looking for it.

"We really hope we can find the owner of this snake. ".

Corn snake
Corn snakes kill their prey by strangling it because they lack venom.

Corn snakes have a maximum length of about 150 cm, but their bite is not poisonous.

The RSPCA is called to pick up a lot of snakes, many of which are believed to have escaped pets.

The RSPCA advises snake owners to buy an enclosure that is appropriate for their species and to keep it secure, locking it if necessary, when it is left unattended.

It suggests that owners thoroughly research the requirements of a particular species and only keep a snake if they are confident they can meet those requirements.

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