Demands for a booking system for recycling facilities

center for recycling

Concerns that a recycling center booking policy trial has increased fly-tipping have prompted calls for its cancellation.

In March, the Essex County Council instituted a system for scheduling visits to recycling facilities.

According to Brentwood Borough Council, since the program's implementation, "a continued escalation in fly-tipping has been observed.".

The county council contests that the new policy has led to an increase in the crime.

According to Liberal Democrats councilor David Kendall, the council had to spend £80,000 to clean up 1,051 fly-tipping incidents between March 2020 and March 2023.

According to the Local Democracy Reporting Service, 338 fly-tipping incidents have occurred since the introduction of booking systems, and their removal has cost £20,000.

Our residents want the freedom to visit a recycling facility whenever it's convenient, according to Mr. Kendall.

"We need to make recycling as easy and straightforward as we can for our residents if we want to promote responsible recycling.

A booking system at the recycling center is not assisting us in addressing fly-tipping, which is a serious issue. ".

However, according to Conservative councillor Thomas Bridge's data, fly-tipping was not related to the booking system.

An Essex Country Council representative stated, "We are committed to working with councils, the Environment Agency, and other enforcement bodies in Essex to ensure that the appropriate investigations and action is taken against those who choose to fly-tip.

"During the initial pilot of bookings for large vehicles and for all vehicles using Rayleigh Recycling Centre, we did not receive any reports of an increase in fly-tipping incidents in the county connected to the booking trial.

"National studies conducted by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs the previous year also failed to find any connection between booking systems and fly-tipping.

"We think that by eliminating any access barriers by allowing same-day reservations and by providing nearly 50,000 reservation slots at recycling facilities each week during the summer, there is no justification for fly-tipping. ".

Same-day reservations are available at all recycling facilities in Essex, and they can be made up to 15 minutes before visiting a facility.

The nine-month trial period for the booking system at the recycling facilities in Essex.

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