Driffield: Services for the site of a deserted medieval village

Farm Kelleythorpe in Driffield

On the site of an abandoned medieval village in East Yorkshire, plans have been filed to erect a new service station and drive-through café.

Currently, Kelleythorpe, near Driffield on the A614, is made up of abandoned farm buildings, some of which would be preserved.

To determine the scope of potential finds, an archaeology assessment has recommended a thorough survey of the site.

The proposal's review date has not been established by East Riding Council.

According to Sunderlandwick Estates, the development would repurpose the abandoned Kelleythorpe farm, which was first built in the 19th century, and "bring economic, social, environmental, and ecological benefits.".

There is enough space, according to the Local Democracy Reporting Service (LDRS), for many cars to park and use amenities like the proposed visitor center and coffee shop.

Aerial view of site at Kelleythorpe
The site's size, according to the developer, allows for ample parking space for numerous vehicles.

Six charging stations, eight fuel pumps, one for heavy-duty vehicles, 14 parking spaces, and the potential to later serve hydrogen-powered vehicles are all included in the services.

A historical assessment, however, warned that if the farm buildings were torn down, distinctive historical features might be lost.

Although it was probably a hamlet, the assessment claimed that beneath the site are the remnants of an abandoned village.

The Domesday Survey identified Kelleythorpe as being in the Hundred of Driffield, which was governed by the King and Archbishop of York.

Despite the mill's presence, the report stated that "no population was recorded.".

Additionally, it noted that there was a chance that the village's features or deposits could still be present and advised conducting both a geophysical survey of the entire site as well as a survey of the area's former farm buildings.

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