Extension of the Isle of Man nature reserve by trust

Lough Cranstal Natural Area

The Manx Wildlife Trust (MWT) was able to secure a deal to purchase 70 acres (28 hectares) of land, which allowed for the extension of an Isle of Man nature reserve.

The wetlands of marsh and curragh in the north of the island's Lough Cranstal Nature Reserve will receive it.

Several plant species, such as yellow iris, ragged robin, and marsh marigold, can be found at the location.

The region, according to a MWT spokesman, "has outstanding ecological importance for its wetland habitats.".

After the trust received the land through a bequest in 1989, the original nature reserve was created.

Lough Cranstal Nature Reserve
The reserve has since grown by an additional 70 acres.

The newly acquired land has been "protected in perpetuity as one of the most biologically diverse parcels of land and one of the island's most important sites for nature," according to a MWT spokesman.

The purchase was hoped to advance efforts to have the entirety of Lough Cranstal designated as an Area of Special Scientific Interest (ASSI), he continued.

Leigh Morris, CEO of the MWT, stated: "This new piece of land we have acquired at Lough Cranstal has such high ecological value that we believed we needed to purchase it in order to secure it permanently for Manx nature.

. "

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