Father and son metal detectorists in Dorchester discover 14 axe heads

Ryan Turner and Martin

An individual who discovered 14 Bronze Age axe heads with his son described the discovery as "unreal.".

The find was made by metal detecting father and son Martin Turner, 52, and Rhys Turner, 18, in a field close to Dorchester, Dorset.

The BBC quoted him as saying, "I couldn't believe what we were finding. They were older than I thought, though I was aware of that. ".

Since the discovery is so significant, archaeologists are now anticipated to excavate the location.

In June, when Mr. Turner and his son were exploring a field they had never before searched, they quickly made their first find.

Axe head finds in Dorchester
The axe heads were quickly discovered by the father and son.

Only a quarter of an hour had passed when we first discovered the first one, he said.

I called my boy over and said, "You'll never believe what I've found," after I dug it up and realized it was an old axe.

"And as he walked over to me, my back was turned, and his detector went off. I told him, 'You better dig that,' and he did. Then I was like, 'What?'".

When I turned on my detector again and started to leave, it went off and a second one was probably only 18 inches away.

When we assembled them all and I was photographing them on the ground, Mr. Turner continued, "There was one on top of the ground about three feet away from us.".

Axe head finds in Dorchester
The objects on display at the Dorchester Museum are now something Mr. Turner wants to see.

The luck of his teenage son left Mr. Turner in a state of disbelief.

He said that 14 of them had been discovered. "People spend their entire lives trying to cross one of these off their bucket list.

"Holding them in your hands for the first time in 4,500 years makes you realize that you are the only person to have done so.

That's what's exciting about it, he continued.

Because "they're part of the local history," Mr. Turner wants the artifacts to be displayed at the Dorchester Museum.

The location of the site must remain a secret to deter people from searching for treasure to resell on the black market.

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