Havant Reservoir: Locals oppose the plan for treated sewage

Image of the Havant reservoir

Prior to the conclusion of a public consultation, residents have urged a water company to reconsider plans to use recycled wastewater for consumption.

In order to supplement the spring water in the reservoir that will be constructed by Southern Water in Havant, Hampshire, treated sewage wastewater will be used.

According to the company, similar projects have been carried out in other nations.

Locals, however, stated in a meeting with the company that they were "horrified.".

At a public meeting held on Wednesday night before the consultation period ends on February 20th, dozens of individuals expressed their concerns to Southern Water executives.

When Southern Water pumps their sewage up to the reservoir, a local resident said, "I'm horrified at the prospect of drinking any adulterated water.".

Southern Water was urged to reconsider their plans by campaigner Tracey Viney, a former Portsmouth Water employee who assisted in setting up the reservoir.

We genuinely believe there are other options, and we believe Southern Water has not thoroughly considered them, she added.

Campaigner Tracey Viney,
One of the locals voicing opposition to the plans is Ms. Viney.

The proposals, according to campaigners, could lead some people to start buying bottled water, potentially increasing plastic usage.

Hayling Sewage Watch, Havant Friends of the Earth, Havant Borough Residents' Alliance, Havant Civic Society, and members of the Havant Climate Alliance have all so far expressed concern.

If the Secretary of State accepts the proposals, the effluent from Budds Farm Wastewater Treatment Works would be transferred to another facility for additional treatment before being released into Havant Thicket Reservoir.

The technology that is anticipated to be used, according to Southern Water's Nick Price, is "proven" and has been tested in other regions of the world.

We'll make sure the water is clean and safe to drink by purifying it to an extremely high standard and making sure our regulators are satisfied with the safeguards in place, he continued.

By not taking as much from some of our famous chalk rivers, according to Mr. Price, the plan will protect the environment.

Water recycling is "a well-established and widely-used water treatment process," according to Portsmouth Water, which owns the 400-acre (160-hectare) site.

People at the meeting on Wednesday
At the meeting with Southern Water managers on Wednesday night in Havant, dozens of people showed up.

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