In Prospect Park in Brooklyn, an alligator from New York was caught

the alligator that was taken

A 4 foot alligator was caught in a lake in a park in New York.

Staff members in Brooklyn's Prospect Park on Sunday morning reportedly saw the reptile, which has been dubbed Godzilla.

They alerted the park's authorities, who later caught the alligator in the lake of the park. The Bronx Zoo later received it.

In states with warm climates, like Florida and Louisiana, in the southeast of the US, alligators are native.

Highs of 9C (48.2F) were recorded in New York on Sunday.

The animal was "very lethargic and possibly cold shocked" when it was discovered, according to NYC Parks, the organization in charge of the city's parks, and in poor condition.

The alligator's origins are unknown, but the authority has issued a warning to residents not to release animals into the city's parks, as doing so is forbidden.

No one was hurt by the alligator, which is now being "evaluated," according to NYC Parks.

Non-native wildlife can "lead to the elimination of native species and unhealthy water quality" in addition to the "potential danger" of letting animals roam free in the city's parks, the authority stated.

According to NYC Parks, about 500 animal-related reports are handled by Urban Park Rangers across the city each year.

The captured alligator

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