Nature-friendly gardens and allotments to be mapped by charity

At the launch, MWT and DEFA representatives

On the Isle of Man, a new initiative to map green spaces like gardens and allotments has been started.

Land managers, custodians, and owners have been asked to participate in a survey about the wildlife on their property.

Manx Wildlife Trust and Unesco Biosphere Isle of Man have partnered to create the Nature Recovery Network, which will track initiatives to increase biodiversity.

By 2030, the trust hopes to have managed for nature 30% of the island's land and water.

Gardens of all sizes, allotments or other land, and land managed within businesses, schools, public buildings, churches, and private healthcare establishments are among the areas being targeted.

Participants will receive scores for their contributions to natural solutions, connectivity, food, shelter, and water, as well as advice on how to improve their locality.

The map, which is anticipated to grow over time, will be updated with areas that receive a 50% rating in the survey.

The Isle of Man government's Agri-Environment Scheme does not currently include farmland, which is separately assessed.

The charity is "committed to remaining at the heart of the drive to protect wildlife and connect people to nature," according to MWT's Graham Makepeace-Warne.

Eventually, the project could connect "networks of wildlife friendly plots of private land" to cover the entire island, including larger areas, conservation work on farms, and nature reserves, he said.

The change could increase biodiversity and reintroduce wildlife, according to Mr. Makepeace-Warne. "This is a fantastic step forward in collaborative working and bringing people together to create change," he said.

The Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture's Michelle Haywood MHK stated that "each landowner, manager, and custodian positively contributes to creating space for nature and wildlife.".

You can access the survey online.

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