One of the largest solar farms in the UK has received approval

En solfarm

The government has given permission for the construction of one of the biggest solar farms in the UK.

According to plans, the Longfield Solar Farm in Essex, close to Terling, would be large enough to power about 60,000 homes.

Despite worries about the loss of farmland and harm to biodiversity, the Planning Inspectorate advised in favor of approval.

The site will "deliver cheaper energy for consumers and businesses," according to Energy Security Secretary Grant Shapps.

According to the Local Democracy Reporting Service, the project would be a partnership between EDF Renewables and Padero Solar at a site close to Chelmsford and be categorized as a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project.

The 380 hectare (939 acre) farm would have battery storage in addition to a generating capacity of up to 500 MW.

The advancement, according to Mr. Shapps, "will help ensure we fully harness the power of the sun and boost our energy security.".

The plans have drawn criticism because they would result in the loss of agricultural land, which activists claimed would harm biodiversity.

However, David Wagstaff, the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero's deputy director of energy infrastructure planning, claimed that the plans would "achieve measurable net gain in biodiversity.".

It was further stated that there was an "urgent need for additional electricity generating capacity" and that the project would "make a meaningful contribution to the UK's transition to low carbon energy generation."

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