Parking ban for peacock that "trashed" a BMW

Peacock named Toby

A visitor's car was damaged, forcing the owner of an arts and crafts shop to lock up his peacock.

The Ferrers Center in Staunton Harold, which is on the border of Derbyshire and Leicestershire, is run by John Blunt.

He claimed that Toby scratched at his reflection in the shiny black BMW that was parked there, causing hundreds of pounds' worth of damage.

Toby's peahen mate has been purchased by Mr. Blunt in the hopes that she will lift his spirits and allow him to go back to being free.

"He was seen doing it, and he severely scratched a black car," he claimed.

"He was picking at the black paintwork of the car while pecking at his reflection.

Although it may be common for them to notice their reflection, this is a first for us.

"Since my peacock was on my property, I am responsible for the damage, so I must pay.". ".

Sign about the peacock
In a shiny black BMW, Toby "pecked" at his reflection.

Toby's pen is now secured with netting to prevent him from escaping.

He has grown to be a huge draw, so in an ideal world, I'd like to let him out again, Mr. Blunt said. ".

He claimed that he had hoped that providing Toby with a potential mate would lessen his urge to attack cars, but the peahen had been "playing hard to get" so far.

The new peahen, according to Mr. Blunt, was "playing hard to get" with Toby.

However, he is hopeful that the two will one day become romantically involved.

"We are hoping that they will assemble and lay some eggs.

Who knows, maybe we have a few baby peacocks," he said.

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