Plan to restore and safeguard green spaces in South Yorkshire

Sheffield's Ecclesall Woods is enjoyed by a family

Plans are being created to help restore and safeguard the "precious" green spaces in South Yorkshire.

The Environment Act designated South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority to assume the obligation.

The authority has received £241,000 from the Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs to help with strategy development.

The county's landscapes, according to mayor Oliver Coppard, are an "unrivaled" asset.

South Yorkshire Mayor Oliver Coppard
According to Mr. Coppard, conserving wildlife and natural areas will enhance water and air quality and reduce the likelihood of flooding.

According to the Local Democracy Reporting Service, formalizing the strategy could take up to 18 months.

"South Yorkshire's landscapes and natural environment are an unparalleled and precious asset," said Mr. Coppard.

"We urgently need to stop the extinction of wildlife, rebuild habitats, and enhance South Yorkshire's natural environment for future generations. ".

According to Mr. Coppard, the strategy, which was developed with community input, will "help us make the most of our natural capital.".

"This is urgent work with tremendous opportunity," he continued. ".

A third of Sheffield, which promotes itself as the "Outdoor City," is located within the Peak District National Park, which is frequently referred to as the "greenest city in the UK.".

In 2021, Sheffield Council proclaimed a natural disaster and vowed to create a thorough biodiversity action plan.

It assembled a working group last month to consider what steps were required, and it will convene in private to review the council's actions since the declaration and to present a report to the parks committee with its conclusions and recommendations.

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