Shire horse owners thrilled after Devon rescue

the BBC

The owners of a sizable shire horse that got stuck in a ditch have expressed their "complete elation" over seeing him successfully rescued.

At Ashwater in Devon last week, Ben became stranded in a deep ditch.

A vet was also present, and a specialist fire rescue team used a telehandler to lift him.

There were "quite a few teary eyes," according to the owner Emma Crowe, and "everyone was smiling when he was standing there eating grass [afterward]".

The horse being rescued by fire crews
On Wednesday, February 15, fire crews received the call for assistance.

Ben, 17, who had been lifted to safety, started to munch on grass right away because he was so hungry.

He is just such a lovely horse, but you also form a connection and feel close to the horse, Ms. Crowe said. If it were possible, I would welcome him inside.

They called 999 after initially dialing the vet for her "big gentle giant" and stated that the response was "incredible.".

A specialized animal rescue team with a telehandler arrived next, followed quickly by fire departments.

A horse stuck in a ditch
To its withers, or the base of its neck, the horse is 6 feet 4 inches tall, or 19 hands.

She said: "Seeing him lying helplessly in the ditch and vulnerable was devastating. He is such a character.

The moment he put his weight on his legs and simply stood there, there was a loud sigh of relief.

Every single person was at least a little bit moved by the situation. I'm unable to explain it.

"Standing here with him now like this is amazing. It was just complete elation. " .

Horse and lamb
For the time being, Ben and a few lambs are being kept indoors at the farm.

When Trevor Heath first came across Ben in the ditch to give him his morning feed, he noted that "for a big horse, he looked tiny - it was awful. ".

Ben was still "a little bit sore," he said, adding that they were relieved he was not seriously hurt.

Over the next few weeks, there will be a lot of TLC required.

However, he added, "We are hoping he will make a full recovery together with us and an amazing vet Zoe Marsh.

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