Stanlow: The $2 billion low-carbon plant plan from energy giant Essar is unveiled

The Stanlow Oil Refinery

A major oil company has declared plans to invest £1.09 billion in the Stanlow oil refinery in Cheshire, including building a facility to produce industrial hydrogen.

Owner of the facility Essar is also spending money on a carbon capture facility and storage for green ammonia imported from India.

Essar will produce gasoline, diesel, and aviation fuel using zero-carbon energy, and it will also provide clean electricity to nearby glass and chemical factories.

The investment, it was added, would both preserve and create new jobs.

Tony Fountain, Managing Partner at Essar Energy Transition (EET), said, "It's a great day. We have a great set of investments which are really going to make a step change in the carbon footprint of the north-west of England.".

It's a huge step, he continued. ".

The organization, which acquired Stanlow in 2011, founded EET to help lead what it hopes will become "the UK's leading energy transition hub.".

It claimed that its operations would result in a 20% reduction in carbon emissions in the north-west of England.

When it first revealed its plans for a £360 million carbon capture plant in December, it gave the site its first indication that it intended to reposition it.

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