The east won't have a tip facility for three days because the site is moving

ECAS new

For three days, the east of the island's residents won't have access to a tip or recycling facility.

Later, the Eastern Civic Amenity Site (ECAS) in Pulrose, Douglas, is scheduled to shut its doors for the last time.

Thursday will see the opening of a replacement facility in Braddan's Middle Park Industrial Estate off Kewaigue Hill.

From Sunday at 16:00 BST until Sunday, June 29, there won't be any services.

The ECAS, which is run by Douglas Council, provides facilities for Onchan, Braddan, Santon, and Garff in addition to the capital.

Greater space is available in the new £3 million facility.

The move, according to Natalie Byron-Teare, mayor of Douglas, was "timed to coincide with a period which is generally quieter.".

"All other amenity sites across the Island will remain open and accept waste from people who would typically use the ECAS, even though there won't be service in Douglas for three days," she said.

The team will have those three days at the beginning of the following week to settle in, make sure everything is in place, and then we can look forward to opening the gates and welcoming the first members of the public on Thursday morning. ".

ECAS in Pulrose
It has been more than 20 years since the previous location in Pulrose was utilized.

A larger reuse shed, more recycling and trash skips, and more parking are all part of the new £3 million development.

For more than 20 years, the Middle River Trading Estate has offered facilities for civic amenity sites.

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