The Glenkerie wind farm requests permission to continue operating

Die Windfarm Glenkerie

A wind farm in Scotland's Borders is requesting permission to continue operating for another ten years.

The 11-turbine Glenkerie project near Tweedsmuir is currently authorized to operate through 2037.

It is now aiming to extend that by another ten years, which developers claim would assist in achieving Scottish government green energy targets.

The Scottish Borders Council's planning committee will discuss an application and recommend approval.

The wind farm has a long history of planning, and it received initial approval in 2008.

It started operating in 2012, and soon after that, plans to expand its size appeared.

After being rejected by the council, that bid was accepted by the Scottish government; however, the additional six turbines were never built.

However, Ventient Energy wants to prolong the life of the currently installed turbines.

It claimed to have a number of wind farms that were "significantly older" but were still running without incident.

Scottish Borders Council is advised to approve the plans subject to the original permission's conditions.

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