The Robin Hood festival will include Nottinghamshire Day

a statue of Robin Hood in Sherwood Forest

Nottinghamshire Day will once again be a part of the annual Robin Hood festival in Sherwood Forest.

On August 26, storytelling, archery, and puppetry will all be offered at the attraction, which is synonymous with the renown outlaw.

The festival will last for five weekends starting on July 30 and ending on August 27. Nottinghamshire Day is on August 25.

It will promote the county's history and wildlife, according to the organizers.

Three years have passed since the inception of Nottinghamshire Day, a day of festivities honoring the county's contributions to the arts, culture, legends, history, and sports.

The woodland was described as an "iconic location" and a "perfect fit" for the activities by Jess Dumoulin of the RSPB at Sherwood Forest.

In a statement, Nottinghamshire County Council expressed its "delight" in hosting Nottinghamshire Day at Sherwood Forest for a second consecutive year.

It was added that some of the region's young and upcoming performers would have a platform thanks to the event.

The day festival is open to the public from 10:00 until 16:00 and is free, but there is a £10 parking fee.

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