The Somerset green space has 150 years of protection

Wellington Field on Burchills Lane

Since 150 years ago, green spaces close to towns have been given legal protection.

The Fox's Field near Tonedale Mill and the fields between Wellington and the neighboring village of Rockwell Green are being sought after by Somerset West and Taunton Council as of January 2021.

With a 150-year lease in place, Wellington Town Council can manage the green space more locally and in accordance with community preferences.

Mike Rigby, a councilor, expressed his "delight" for the neighborhood.

Using money from the community infrastructure levy, 62.15 acres of green space were purchased.

According to Mr. Rigby, there is a lot of optimism among Wellington residents. He added: "I look forward to watching the neighborhood flourish over the coming years and supporting Wellington Town Council on this exciting opportunity. ".

Councillors Mark Lithgow And Mike Rigby Signing The Lease
Mark Lithgow and Mike Rigby, council members, sign the lease.

The initial plan of the district council is to convert a large portion of the land into a community farm.

According to the Local Democracy Reporting Services (LDRS), the current allotments will be expanded, and new sports fields will be built immediately to the west of Wellington Sports Center.

The site's western edge, close to Rockwell Green Primary School, will remain as a neighborhood park and conservation area.

Existing footpaths will be improved to promote more cycling and walking to the town center, sporting venues, and the Tonedale Mill neighborhood.

Future plans for Fox's Field, which is accessible from Burchills Hill, include a forest garden, a meadow filled with wildflowers, and natural wetlands.

There have been two unsuccessful bids to the government's levelling up fund for the Tonedale Mill area, which includes Fox's Field and the nearby Tone Works site, but additional funding sources for the area's regeneration (including a potential third round bid) are currently being looked into.

The current mayor of Wellington, Councillor Mark Lithgow, called it a "significant moment" for the city's residents and the town council.

To make sure that they have a say in how the land is used, "we will be working closely with the community. It is a genuine chance to improve [locals'] quality of life. "He furthered.

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