To train hundreds of young people in the West Midlands, there is an environmental fund

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To train young people from various backgrounds and assist them in finding employment in the environmental sector, a wildlife trust and charity have received £1.149.5 million.

The free program was made possible by National Lottery funding provided to UpRising and Shropshire Wildlife Trust.

The objective is to introduce nature to people 18 to 25 years old from various socioeconomic and racial backgrounds.

The environmental profession currently lacks diversity, according to Amira Ismail of UpRising.

She claimed that the course, which is accessible to anyone living in the West Midlands, would produce young leaders "at the forefront of driving change in the future.".

UpRising, a Birmingham-based charity and organization dedicated to developing young leaders in the UK, seeks to "open up pathways for diversely talented young people who may lack opportunities.".

The Environmental Leadership Programme 2.0 (ELP) program also aims to deepen young people's understanding of what motivates behavior change in the environmental sector, inspiring them to create campaigns that emphasize nature in their local communities.

Past UpRising students
By providing young people with networks and skills, UpRising supports them.

According to a study by the Shropshire Wildlife Trust, young people between the ages of 18 and 24 are extremely concerned about climate change in 65 percent of cases, want to do more to combat it in 78 percent of cases, and are actively involved in 18 percent of campaigns.

The trust's Helen Trotman stated, "We know that people's mental and physical health benefit from nature, and a stronger connection to nature inspires people to do more for the environment. ".

The free program will be available to students for nine months, and each cohort will consist of 100 young people. For the course that starts in October, applications are currently being accepted.

The ELP program will last for a total of four years.

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