White Post Farm is looking for armadillo baby names

White Post Farm's armadillo

A visitor farm has issued a request for assistance in naming a seven-week-old baby armadillo.

The team at White Post Farm in Farnsfield, Nottinghamshire, reared the female as the first exotic animal since obtaining a zoo license in 2020.

One of the farm's most well-liked attractions since they first arrived there in 2021 were two six-banded armadillos.

The birth of their child, according to head of exotics Martin Vernon, was a "great achievement.".

Since successfully breeding armadillos is very challenging, he said, "this is fantastic news.".

Baby armadillo and mum eat some food
Families have reportedly visited the farm specifically to see the armadillos since the farm posted about the newcomer on Facebook.

"The baby was born on May 12 but it was really important that we kept it under wraps while we carefully monitored the first few weeks of her life," he continued.

"Matilda, the mother, is taking such good care of her child.

"After last night's Facebook post, a number of families actually came in specifically to see it.

"It is somewhat timid, but it is becoming more brave every day. ".

Name suggestions for the new arrival are being accepted on the farm's Facebook page from visitors and supporters.

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