Will my house benefit from a heat pump

a heat pump

We must switch out our outdated gas boilers for brand-new electric ones, according to the government. pumping heat.

Ministers can use it to cut carbon emissions and meet their climate change goals.

Customers receive a green glow while also, theoretically, getting all the heating and hot water of a gas boiler with significant savings.

One owner of a heat pump with whom we spoke claimed to be saving between £40 and £50 per month.

However, I'm sure you've heard tales about how they can fail to function in extreme cold, make noise, or inadequately heat a home's hot water.

We sought to learn the truth about the state of the heat pump industry.

In order to speak with the trade, we went to the Installer Show at the NEC. We asked Octopus Energy to run the numbers and determine how many homes in the Midlands might potentially make the switch.

Octopus now trains its engineers to install everything from heat pumps to solar panels, moving beyond just providing energy.

In the Midlands, they think nearly two million homes could switch to heat pumps.

But David, what exactly is a heat pump, you might be asking at this point.

It always works like a refrigerator in reverse, is the standard response to that question.

In order to keep its interior cool, a refrigerator absorbs heat and expels it, whereas a heat pump absorbs heat and retains it inside to keep things warm.

They also have a much longer lifespan, are safer, and much more efficient than boilers.

The end result of all this is that if you want a heat pump, you need a home that is reasonably well insulated, an outdoor space the size of a large bike, and possibly an upgrade to your current radiators.

Even though there is a government grant to help, it will still be a sizeable sum of money—on average around £8,000, according to Octopus Energy.

In the past, I'll be completely honest, I've seen some older heat pumps that have to be supplemented by lighting a wood stove on extremely cold days. These heat pumps make a loud fan noise.

(Something which in pollution terms slightly negates the point of the heat pump in the first place).

Alastair Kelly and David Gregory Kumar
Alastair Kelly claimed that his heat pump was no noisier than a refrigerator.

Earlier this year, during that particularly cold snap, Alastair Kelly installed a contemporary heat pump at his home near Solihull.

He assured me that even though it was so cold outside, the house was more than warm enough.

The installation included pipework on the back of the house, some larger radiators, which is fairly typical, as well as increasing the loft's insulation.

The heat pump itself is larger than I had anticipated; it has dimensions that are comparable to two large, slim suitcases or a bicycle.

It was quieter than I had anticipated, according to Mr. Kelly, and was comparable to a domestic refrigerator.

Stuart Gizzi
Choosing the right installer is crucial, according to Stuart Gizzi.

After returning to the NEC, we spoke with Stuart Gizzi of the Staffordshire-based company Inta, which has been producing boiler parts for 30 years and has modified them for the heat pump market.

He advised us to be sure to match the appropriate pump to the appropriate property because not all installers in a new market are yet knowledgeable enough.

Getting at least three quotes from a survey is crucial, he continued.

A well-installed heat pump is comparable to a brand-new electric vehicle. The running and maintenance costs will be low, and the lifespan will be lengthy, so you can feel a little smug.

But it has a significant up-front cost, just like a car. However, that will begin to decline as they become more mainstream.

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