A six-day ban on train drivers working overtime has caused a rail disruption alert

Commuter en train

Due to a ban on overtime by train drivers in the Aslef union, rail passengers are being warned that there will be disruptions for the next six days.

From Monday through Saturday, 16 train companies with headquarters in England will be impacted. Many will scale back on their level of service.

It is the most recent development in Aslef's protracted pay dispute. Later this month, other RMT unionized rail workers are expected to go on strike.

Checking before a trip is advised for passengers.

To keep up with their full schedules, most train companies rely on their drivers working extra hours.

There will be disruption, including:.

  • Railway South Western. claims that it will operate a shortened schedule with some first and last trains being canceled. Customers traveling to the Wimbledon tennis championships are advised to allow more time for their journeys as its services are likely to be busier than usual.
  • the north. is warning customers to expect short-notice cancellations, some services to start later and end earlier than usual.
  • Western Great Railway. expects some last-minute changes or cancellations and notes that its Night Riviera Sleeper service won't run until Sunday in either direction.
  • Railways Chiltern. is advising customers to limit their Saturday travel to absolute necessities. Because Blur is performing at Wembley Stadium, none of its trains will stop there.

A strike that could last another six months if there is no resolution was supported by Aslef members at 10 operators last month.

The union previously rejected plans that would have increased wages by 4% for two years in a row, bringing the average salary for drivers to £65,000.

This would have depended on alterations to working procedures, which the employers and government—who set the agenda for negotiations—say are necessary to reduce costs and modernize how the railway operates.

Aslef contends that employees shouldn't have to give up favorable working conditions in exchange for pay increases that are below inflation.

As of right now, Aslef has no more strikes planned.

However, RMT unionized employees, including train guards, plan to strike on July 20, 22, and 29 in protest of their pay, jobs, and working conditions.

Over a year has passed since it began. The train companies are getting ready to proceed with their plans to close hundreds of ticket offices because there is no end in sight.   .

Only 12% of tickets, according to the Rail Delivery Group, are currently sold at station kiosks. According to its spokesperson, staff would be relocated to concourses under the proposed changes so they could assist and counsel more customers. They added that any changes would be discussed with the general public and employees.

However, Mick Lynch, the general secretary of the RMT, stated earlier this week that his union would "not meekly sit by and allow thousands of jobs to be sacrificed or see disabled and vulnerable passengers left unable to use the railways as a result.".

The union said it might take additional industrial action in response to the problem.

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