A water boiler accidently caught fire and spread to the Baldock Industrial Estate

A fire in Baldock, Hertfordshire

A fire service has confirmed that an accidental fire that destroyed more than 40 businesses on an industrial estate began in a water boiler.

On Tuesday, July 11, at about 18:15 BST, more than 15 crews responded to a fire off London Road in Baldock.

It was classified as a major incident by Hertfordshire Fire Service, and they remained on the scene for the majority of the following day.

The service verified that a wood-burning water boiler in one of the business units' flue was where the fire started.

According to a spokesman, the fire spread to the roof before spreading to the rest of the building and affecting numerous business units.

Five days after the fire started, photos taken at the scene revealed the damage, including collapsed roofs and mangled wreckage.

Baldock blaze aftermath - aerial
In the fire, dozens of different businesses perished.

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