Anglesey chicken factory closing confirmed by Welsh government, according to 2 Sisters

In the UK, a third of all poultry products are produced by 2 Sisters

The Welsh government has announced that a chicken factory with 730 employees will be closing down.

The world's largest producer of poultry, 2 Sisters, announced in January that it would close its Llangefni, Anglesey, facility.

The company declared at the time that it would discuss the options with staff members before making a final choice.

Now, according to the Welsh government, the company has "no viable plans" and is "moving ahead with plans to cease production.".

We've reached out to 2 Sisters for comment.

The company has previously claimed that the factory is outdated, one of its smaller locations, and that products could be produced more effectively somewhere else.

Despite $5 million being invested there, according to a 2 Sisters review of the site, which it purchased in 2013, it is "not sustainable" and lacks adequate space.

According to the Welsh government, a task force meets once a week to coordinate "as much assistance as possible to support the workers impacted by the closure.".

The news was "heartbreaking" for the workers and their families, according to Rhun ap Iorwerth, a Plaid Cymru Member of the Senedd (MS) for Anglesey.

2 Sisters
The Llangefni site was deemed "not sustainable" after a review by the company.

He continued, "I can assure you that there is a determination to do everything possible to help [the workers] find employment, of course, but also to cope with this blow in a time of hardship and during a cost of living crisis.".

A spokesperson for the Welsh government said: "It was disappointing to learn from the company that there were no workable plans for 2 Sisters Ltd to maintain their site in Llangefni following the first stage consultation, and the company is now moving forward with plans to cease production.

The Welsh government will continue to collaborate with the UK government, the council of Anglesey, trade unions, and other stakeholders to support the people and the neighborhood.

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