Bakery in Sudbury closes after owners are involved in auto accident

Sudbury's Gaol Street has a Weston's Bakery

Following a serious car accident, the owners of a family-owned bakery have decided to shut down, resulting in the loss of about 30 jobs.

Chris and Patrick Weston of the Sudbury, Suffolk-based Weston's Bakery suffered injuries on Friday; Mr. Weston is still in the hospital.

The family claimed it was the tipping point after struggling with rising costs and having to close a branch in May.

Mrs. Weston said, "I feel like we're both so lucky to be even breathing.

"I think things can't continue the way they are.

"We're behind on our bills due to constantly rising costs; our monthly electricity bill is probably around £3,500, and I believe we're just about done. ".

Crashed Weston's Bakery van
Both Chris and Patrick Weston sustained injuries in the collision on Friday.

The fact that Mr. Weston, 76, broke his wrist and ribs in the accident and will require additional care when he is released from the hospital played a role in the decision.

Gaol Street Bakery, which had been open for about seven years, would be closing the following day, daughter Liz Weston informed the staff on Friday.

Weston's Bakery in Gaol Street, Sudbury
About 30 people were employed by Weston's Bakery.

It felt like things had been conspiring against us for some time, Ms. Weston said, adding that it was a culmination of events.

"We wanted to maintain everyone's jobs, we wanted to continue the business for the benefit of the neighborhood, and I wanted to continue it for my mother because she has worked so hard.

All around, it's just devastating. ".

However, after sharing information about the crash and the closure of the bakery on social media, Ms. Weston claimed that the family had been "blown away" by the support from their employees and clients.

She said, "Now we have to concentrate on getting mom and dad healthy again.

Notice in window announcing bakery's closure
The family made the decision to shut down the company official on Friday.

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