Businesses won't hire young people they deem "unreliable."

Ross, Ruth

According to a study, some manufacturers are reluctant to hire young people because they are concerned about their dependability.

According to the Shropshire Chamber of Commerce, its quarterly survey revealed some businesses were struggling with younger people not showing up.

As a result, they stopped looking for people under 21.

The chamber's CEO, Ruth Ross, stated: "Finding the right staff continues to be challenging. ".

"The manufacturing industries are being hampered by interview no-shows, or younger recruits not even finishing their first week," she claimed.

The chamber reported that its anonymous survey received responses from hundreds of businesses.

However, this is the first time any of the respondents have commented on specific issues they are having with younger recruits. It was stated that recruitment has been one of the biggest concerns noted in the survey for the past 18 months.

Richard Sheehan, the chamber's former chief executive, said he thought more could be done to get kids ready for the workforce.

He added that some "fantastic young people working in our businesses across Shropshire, Doing amazing and incredible things" should be acknowledged.

Businesses also expressed dissatisfaction with interest rates, some customers' payment speeds, and declining profitability due to rising costs.

One hospitality company claimed: "We are raising our service prices, but not enough to cover rising labor costs. It is not ideal for a restaurant because the price of food, wine, and taxes has increased as well. ".

The report, which covers the months of April through June this year, also noted a decrease in second-quarter spending on training, equipment, and plant in Shropshire.

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