A $30 Harry Potter book might sell for $5,000

Books about Harry Potter and Richard Winterton

A rare Harry Potter book that cost 30p might sell for up to £5,000 at auction.

A Staffordshire man who passed away earlier this year purchased one of 500 copies of The Philosopher's Stone's first edition.

His sister said she feared it was lost after it was put in storage.

Richard Winterton, an auctioneer based in Lichfield, predicted that the sale on July 10 would be "a magical moment.".

His lifelong passion for books and memorabilia, according to the owner's sister.

Although she wished to remain anonymous, she stated of her brother: "He began dealing in books and memorabilia while he was still in school.

He would return with a stack of annuals or comics after visiting church fairs and jumble sales. ".

One of 300 copies of the 1997 Harry Potter book that were distributed to libraries was purchased by the man from Wolverhampton Libraries.

Inside cover of Harry Potter book
The book still has its 30p selling price, J-shaped spine sticker, and subsequent withdrawal stamp from the library.

According to the owner's sister, "he literally packed everything into hundreds of boxes when he moved house four years ago, many of which went into containers. ".

They assumed the book had been misplaced because, according to her, he knew he had it but couldn't place it.

We are all very excited as a family now that it has come to light once more, she continued.

Front cover of Harry Potter book
Between £3,000 and $5,000 is the book's estimated value.

A team from Richard Winterton Auctioneers eventually located the book after searching through the owner's belongings after his untimely death at age 55.

"It has clearly been well-read, which is most befitting of one of the initial run of books which helped fuel the early popularity of Potter -- which, of course, quickly evolved into a global phenomenon," Mr. Winterton said.

. "

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