Adele criticizes spectators who throw items onto stages

Adele performs while dressed in a black dress on stage

Recent examples of items thrown at performers on stage include bracelets, phones, and candy.

The newest critic of the practice is Adele, who joked with a Las Vegas audience that she would "kill" anyone who tried to throw something on stage.

People have forgotten "show etiquette," the musician said in a widely shared video in which she is holding a T-shirt gun and addressing the crowd.

She jokingly challenged him to throw something at her before shooting a T-shirt.

Although Adele is well-known for throwing shirts into the audience during her residency in Las Vegas, her remarks are in response to a number of instances in which fans have thrown objects onto the stage.

Pop singer Bebe Rexha was injured and taken to the hospital last month after being struck by a phone while on stage.

When a sex toy accidentally fell onto the stage while Lil Nas X was performing in Sweden on Saturday, he appeared amused.

A composite image of Bebe Rexha - in the two selfies, you can see her right eye is bruised, and that there is a stitch in her eyebrow
Bebe Rexha posted a photo on Instagram displaying the extent of her wounds.

In November, a sweet was thrown at Harry Styles during a concert, and more recently, Pink appeared uneasy when a bag of human ashes was thrown on stage.

Additionally, Ava Max has received a stage slap, and in June, country singer Kelsea Ballerini was the target of a bracelet throw.

Also urging people to stop, Charlie Puth wrote on Twitter that "the trend. It's "disrespectful and very dangerous," and it must stop.

Why do fans do it, then?

Dr. Lucy Bennett, a lecturer at Cardiff University, studies the bond that exists between fans and their favorite musicians.

Since the Covid pandemic, "where we couldn't be physically present at concerts," she claims, people's attitudes may have changed.

Dr. Bennett also believes that some people engage in it because it is more difficult for artists to find them on social media.

You will be noticed if you are throwing something while in their immediate physical vicinity, the speaker asserts.

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