Buying a piece of theater history at the Bolton Octagon costume sale

As Jane Eyre, Jessica Baglow

A theater will offer for the first time thousands of dresses, suits, hats, shoes, and other vibrant items from its costume department.

The Octagon Theatre in Bolton claimed that it needs to clear space in its stores because it has more than 16,000 garments.

The auction, which is the first in the company's 56-year history, will feature items from The BFG and Jane Eyre productions.

It would be "a chance to get a piece of Octagon history," according to wardrobe manager Su Newell.

According to a theatre representative, the sale will feature a wide variety of items, including "everyday clothing items, vintage pieces, costume items, and fancy-dress articles.".

Cast of Singin' In The Rain in 2016
There will also be sales of additional costumes worn during the Singin' In The Rain production.
Adult and child actors in the 2018 production on Jane Eyre
The 2018 production of Jane Eyre featured both adult and child actors, and both wore costumes.

They claimed that among the items were the suits that Matthew Croke and Sarah Vezmar wore while portraying Don Lockwood and Lina Lamont in the 2016 production of Singin' In The Rain.

There will also be a portion of the period clothing worn by women and children in the theater's 2018 production of Jane Eyre as well as accessories from the 2015 production of The BFG for sale.

According to Ms. Newell, the theater has been accumulating costumes for more than 50 years.

She declared, "Our store is practically overflowing.".

"We are excited to give the items a second chance at life by offering them for sale to the general public. ".

Jessica Baglow as Jane Eyre
There will be a chance to purchase Jessica Baglow's costume from her performance as Jane Eyre.

Many of the pieces would be on sale for as little as £1, she added.

The opportunity to own a piece of Octagon history will be provided by the fact that many of the items were handmade by our wardrobe department, she added.

Additionally, we'll be selling kits for making your own patchwork and bunting out of leftover fabric scraps, both of which would make wonderful crafts. ".

The sale happens on July 22 at the theater.

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