Coventry superfans line up for Elton John as early as possible

Scott Rathbone

To see his idol's final UK performance at Glastonbury on Sunday, an Elton John fanatic stood in line beginning at 4:00 BST.

Even though the singer's set didn't begin until 21:00, Greg Rathbone wanted to be in the best location possible.

Mr. Rathbone, from Coventry, was lining up before stewards had a chance to tidy up after Guns N' Roses, the main act for Saturday night. He was dressed in one of Elton's more recognizable looks.

Mr. Rathbone said, "He's always good, but he was just up a level last night.

Due to his front-row location, Mr. Rathbone was unable to eat throughout the day and was forced to rely on festival security to provide him with water.

He avoided talking about some of the "various devices" fans have been known to use when it came to using the bathroom, saying that you should "try not to have to go.".

Greg Rathbone
According to Mr. Rathbone, seeing Sir Elton was the main goal of his entire festival experience.

He had seen Sir Elton perform on his most recent Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour, but the artist had developed a completely different show for his headlining festival performance.

Although each night of the tour was special, Mr. Rathbone noted that this one was particularly so because the musician put a lot of effort into making it a unique experience for himself.

"It was a completely different set list, and you could see the emotion welling up inside him as well as down in the front row. ".

Elton John performing at Glastonbury
With Rocket Man, Sir Elton ended his final performance.

It's anticipated that Sir Elton will perform at Glastonbury for the final time ever.

I've seen so many of the performances, and every time I do, I think they were fantastic. I can't wait to see them again, but not this one, Mr. Rathbone said.

He "definitely felt it," and some of the songs "really touch you when you realize this is going to be the last time I see this live," as the singer put it.

. "

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