Designer's excitement upon seeing a guitar on the Glasto stage

Glastonbury concert featuring Axl Rose and Richard Fortus

When a Guns N' Roses musician played one of a guitar maker's creations on the main stage at Glastonbury, he said he could not believe it.

In order to create the instrument for guitarist Richard Fortus, Neil Ivison was contacted via social media.

The rock group performed as the main act on Saturday, and Mr. Ivison, from Bromyard, said he leaped off the couch to watch the show.

He confessed, "I don't really know what to make of it. It's still taking it all in. ".

After a career as a professional guitarist, Mr. Ivison opened his Worcestershire workshop in 2018.

Instead of being a day job, he described it as a passion that has evolved into a career. "I've always been passionate about guitars. ".

Axl Rose and Richard Fortus performing at Glastonbury

Since 2001, Richard Fortus has performed with Guns N' Roses.

Friday, he made the trip to Bath to deliver the guitar he had made for Fortus, and he reported being "chuffed" with Fortus' response.

He claimed to have enjoyed it, Mr. Ivison said. He declared: "I really want to play this tomorrow night. ".

When Mr. Ivison tuned into the festival coverage on Saturday night, he wasn't expecting to actually see it, despite his fear of "jinxing" it.

He said, "My wife and I were watching TV when Guns N' Roses came on, and lo and behold, second song in, he uses the guitar I built for him.

"We'd jumped off the couch, the drinks flew, and then we just sat there in shock for the rest of the show. ".

In addition to inviting him to the band's upcoming performance in Hyde Park, he claimed Fortus planned to play the instrument for the remainder of the tour.

Mr. Ivison, who works independently in a workshop, expressed his pride at seeing his creation displayed on such a large platform.

. "

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