Due to a lack of funding, the Saxmundham community festival was canceled

Le public du festival musical de Sax

Lack of funding forced the cancellation of an annual community festival.

The Saxmundham Community Festival's organizers claimed that their normally funded event, which was free to attend, did not succeed in bringing in any money this July.

The National Lottery provided a £6,000 grant to the Suffolk event for the festival the previous year.

Director Terry Barrow stated that they were worried about their attendance because of the rising cost of living.

"We had no idea what the final numbers would be or how many people would show up. ".

The non-profit organization that organized the community festival provided a variety of tribute acts, entertainment, and activities.

The event's organizers expressed hope that it would return the following year with sponsorship.

According to Mike Wilson of the East Anglian Festival Network, many events are having trouble.

It costs an awful lot of money to put on events, he said, adding that all of our suppliers have raised their prices.

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