Elephants from the "Injured" Herd in the City art trail were taken away for repairs

A stop on the Herd In The City art trail is Nelly the Circus Elephant

A public art trail's organizers have pleaded with people to "be gentle" after two elephant sculptures were harmed.

In the streets of Southend, Shoeburyness, and Leigh are 72 baby elephants and 46 large elephant sculptures as part of the Herd In The City trail.

Nelly was discovered to be "too badly injured to remain on the trail" on Saturday, and Waterline was discovered to be "unstable," according to the organizers.

They continued, "We hope to have them both back out on display very soon.".

We would ask our trail users to be kind and refrain from climbing or swinging on them because they are friendly animals that do need to be treated with respect, a spokesman said.

Waterline by Mark Bradford can usually been seen outside Metrobank on Southend's High Street
A celebration of "all the swimmers who take to the sea along our beautiful foreshore" can be found in Mark Bradford's Waterline.

At the conclusion of the trail in September, the business-sponsored elephants will be auctioned off to raise money for Havens Hospices' specialized care.

Sue White created Nelly the Circus Elephant, a "colorful, fun bright design of a clown elephant," which can usually be found on Rampart Terrace in Shoebury.

On Southend's High Street, Waterline by Mark Bradford is frequently visible outside of Metrobank and honors "all the swimmers who take to the sea along our beautiful foreshore."

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