Elton John's headline performance at Glastonbury was an "out of body" experience

With his arm around Stephen's right shoulder, Elton John is seen standing to the right of the camera while Stephen...

After years and years of performing live, headlining Glastonbury is for most musicians the ultimate dream—an item crossed off their bucket list.

But 20-year-old Stephen Sanchez has already experienced what it's like to be at the top of Worthy Farm's bill thanks to Elton John.

As the 76-year-old performed the final UK show of his farewell tour, he joined the musical icon on stage.

Stephen tells BBC Newsbeat that entering such a sizable crowd was a "spiritual experience.".

There was a flurry of speculation about which A-list celebrities might join Elton after he announced four surprise guests on the Pyramid Stage.

Harry Styles, Britney Spears, and Dua Lipa were all mentioned.

Instead, the estimated 120,000 spectators enjoyed hearing Rina Sawayama, Gabriels' Jacob Lusk, and The Killers' Brandon Flowers perform Elton John's greatest hits.

However, Stephen was the only one to perform his own song, the hit single Until I Found You, unlike the others.

Elton John performs with Rina Sawayama, with Elton on the left and Rina on the right. Elton is singing into a microphone while wearing a golden blazer with black shirt, and red tinted glasses. Rina is wearing a iridiscent sequin outfit, facing Elton and singing into the microphone, with an ear piece visible in her left ear. The background has Elton John's band, with instruments visible.
One of the surprises Elton (left) brought out was a performance by Rina Sawayama (right).

According to Stephen, "it feels like the torch is being passed along and you're kind of stepping into your hero's shoes a little bit.".

And according to him, Elton's decision to support unknown musicians rather than join them onstage for performances is a sign of his kindness.

Elton introduced Stephen at a Los Angeles event, and they have been friends ever since.

Waves of memories of dreaming about being on stage while seated in class, closing his eyes, and seeing the crowd and flags, return to him, he claims.

"If I didn't pay attention to the class in front of me, I'd get in trouble for watching festivals on the computer. ".

You might think that keeping such a significant secret is difficult, but Stephen claims that it was simple because the experience was so bizarre.

"Until the days before the festival, it didn't feel like it was really happening. ".

Stephen Sanchez performs at Glastonbury. He's wearing a black blazer with a white vest underneath and a necklace, singing into the microphone. He is holding a guitar which is coloured orange and black. The background has red coloured staging.
Stephen Sanchez claims that following the set, he was "on cloud nine and ready for a nap.".

What you see on stage is what you get behind it, Stephen says, refusing to reveal how Elton prepares for his performances.

He remarks, "It's fun to hear him; he's got a great warm-up.".

But he's exactly the way you picture him. just a great guy. ".

So how did Stephen choose to celebrate after giving a performance in front of a possibly record-breaking Pyramid stage crowd?

So he made the decision to take it easy for a while.

"I returned to the hotel where we were staying, changed into pajamas, ate a Twix bar, and then laid in bed while making calls to the people I love.

"I then went to sleep after that. ".

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