Fife vintage shop receives the Hollywood seal of approval

Carl, the owner of the store, is holding a golden padlock while sporting a tuxedo à la James Bond

A Fife antique store that has provided props for some of the most popular blockbusters in recent memory has won the endorsement of Hollywood.

Scaramanga in Cupar-related elements have recently been seen in The Little Mermaid, Fast X, and Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.

24 movies and numerous TV shows have used the shop's goods since it opened in 2006.

In 2012, according to owner Carl Morenikeji, they attracted the attention of a buyer of props.

"We employed a props buyer for the Tim Burton movie Dark Shadows. She told us that she had been abruptly let down by someone when she came to see us, according to Mr. Morenikeji.

"After that, she's kind of stuck with us, and for every significant movie or production she does, she always seems to return to us and purchase more goods from us. ".

Since then, the family-run store in a former blacksmith's shop has supplied antique props for films like Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, Paddington 2, Victoria and Abdul, and Dumbo.

Two women and three men holding padlocks, a Paddington bear, a movie poster for Paddington 2 and a plate of marmalade sandwiches
For a scene in Paddington 2, Scaramanga provided old-fashioned padlocks.

Every time a buyer for props contacts us to ask for items, we are happy to assist them, said Mr. Morenikeji.

"So many businesses are spending a lot of money to be in these movies, and here we are, a small vintage shop in Fife, selling things to prop buyers who come and buy from us. I'm thrilled. ".

Harrison Ford uses a handmade leather satchel made by Scaramanga in the new Indiana Jones movie, which had its London premiere earlier this week and was partially filmed in Glasgow.

Since it was needed right away, it wasn't custom made, according to Mr. Morenikeji.   .

The same thing happened when a props buyer purchased a bag that was utilized in the Tom Cruise movie Edge of Tomorrow.

But Tom Cruise didn't actually use it because the bag was too big for him. " .

Shopowner, Carl, sitting on top of prop travel trunks
Films like Victoria & Abdul, Dumbo, and Dark Shadows all used trunks from Carl.

Fast X. - two tins, one of which was molded into the form of a car.

Pete and Wendy. - a trunk and two old-fashioned suitcases.

The Young Mermaid. wood pulleys.

In the Flash. – a handcrafted leather satchel, wooden pulleys, and an old padlock.

Shadows in the Dark. - old-fashioned chests and trunks.

"The Hobbit". for Bilbo Baggins' home, old brass padlocks.

Maleficent . - more than 100 items, including furniture and home goods in the medieval style.

Abdul and Victoria. - authentic Indian boxes, tins, and leather journals; vintage travel trunks for the Highland picnic scene; and.

"Paddington 2". — antique locks for the climactic train chase scene.

Here We Go Again with Mamma Mia. - Lanterns seen in the outdoor scene where Cher sings Fernando, as well as old padlocks, door staples, and hasps.

Ollie and Stan. – leather case in the roaring twenties.

Dumbo. Victorian travel trunks, old-fashioned brass and iron padlocks, and a contribution to Elephant Haven, an elephant sanctuary.

The Multiverse of Madness with Doctor Strange. - antique spice boxes, lassi glass holders, vintage tins, chai tea and drinking glasses.

No Time To Die: Death on the Nile. , . The Secrets of Dumbledore in Fantastic Beasts. , and . Dark Knight. - old-style padlocks.

Shopowner, Carl, wearing a Bond style tuxedo and holding a golden padlock
The assassin played by James Bond in The Man with the Golden Gun inspired the name of the movie Scaramanga.

Mr. Morenikeji's love of the James Bond movies served as the inspiration for the shop's name.

In choosing a name for the company, he explained: "I knew it had to be a catchy name, so I considered Scaramanga, and 17 years later, that's what we have now. ".

The businessman's opportunity to participate in the venerable franchise represented a turning point in his career.

The fact that a props buyer approached us 15 years after Mr. Morenikeji founded his company and asked, "Can we have some padlocks?," as he put it, "amazes me because I really love film.".

And sure enough, it would show up in a James Bond movie. Since starting to operate Scaramanga, that has been one of the major highlights.

. "

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